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A new reality series that follows the exciting  journey of a family who started from nothing, as they build a Hospitality Empire. Will they be able to manage navigating Business & Family, or will sibling drama sink the whole ship? 

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Some people focus on business, Some focus on family but when this family went thru a series of tragedies they were forced to focus on both. Anthony and Ernisha Randolph built a million dollar hospitality group from their love of food and music. Having a full house led them to think combining forces and working together in the family business seemed like a good idea…or is it? This docuseries follows this young, hard working, loud, multi-talented, family with a sassy & loving grandma thru their daily lives where everyone is an entrepreneur including the kids, as they all work together to build their food & entertainment Empire. From Nisha creating award winning recipes & coaching new entrepreneurs to success, to Ant writing music, producing and performing while building a tech company, to Grandma meddling in the family’s youth-led restaurants and changing rules without consulting with the managers first. This close-nit family is challenged with managing multiple businesses, unstable employees, balancing fun & focus in Miami, all while training the younger family members to run an Empire. Through it all, the Sweet Butter family dishes out a perfect blend of drama, humor, love, spice & soul.

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